New Times 10K still strong; planning begun for '03

The Arizona Republic
Dec. 3, 2002

Some people jokingly say that watching all the heads bob as the thousands of runners begin the New Times 10K makes them seasick.

That may be so, but the enduring event, which began in 1976, remains on solid ground. Executive Director Harvey Beller and his crew aren't standing still, and they're already making plans to improve the 2003 event.

Once again, about 10,000 took part in the running events, and thousands more took part in the festivities.

A new staging area, Steele Indian School Park on Central and Indian School, proved to be a popular choice, much better received than in the past few years when runners finished inside Bank One Ballpark.

"People loved the course," Beller said. "A lot of them said they didn't even know this park was here.

"While we have the elite runners, this race is still geared to the average person, and it will be as long as I'm doing this. It's still a thrill to see all those people."

Beller, who ran in the first race when it was called the North Bank 10K, has been involved in the planning every year since then.

His core staff of about 15 has been involved in the 10K for 20 years.

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